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   Footnotes and Cross-References

   Sometimes, in INFO documentation, you will see a footnote-pointer.  A
 footnote pointer performs a similar function to a menu subtopic, except
 that menus  are  used to  describe  the fundamental  structure  of  the
 documentation, while footnotes are used for cross-references.

   Footnote pointers look  like this:  *Note ftnt: Help-Ft.   This is  a
 real, live footnote  pointer which is  named "Ftnt" and  points at  the
 node named "Help-Ft".  You can use the footnote to go to node "Help-Ft"
 by issuing the "F"  command.  It takes an  argument, like "M", and  you
 should give the footnote name, in  this case "Ftnt".  As with "M",  you
 can use "?"  to get  a list of  the things  you are allowed  to use  as
 arguments - the names of all the footnotes in the current node.

 >> Type "F" and "?" to see how  that looks, then type "Ftnt" and CR  to
 go to the node of the footnote.   Read it and come back with "L",  then
 move on with "N".