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 This node is  called "Help-P".   The "Previous"  node, as  you see,  is
 "Help", which is  the one  you just came  from using  the "N"  command.
 Another "N" command now would take you to the Next node, "Help-Dot".

 >> But don't do that yet.  First, try the "P" command, which takes  you
 to the Previous node.  When you get  there, you can do an "N" again  to
 return here.

   This all probably seems insultingly simple  so far, but DON'T be  led
 into skimming.  Things will get more complicated soon.  Also, don't try
 a new command until you are told it's time to.  Otherwise, you may make
 INFO skip past an  important warning that was  coming up.  ">>" in  the
 margin means it is really time to try a command.

 >> Now do an "N" to get to the node "Help-Dot" and learn more.