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 You are talking to a program INFO, for reading documentation.

   Right now  you are  looking at  one "Node"  of information.   A  node
 contains text  describing  a specific  topic  at a  specific  level  of
 detail.  This node's topic is "how to use INFO".

   The top line of a node is its "Header".  This node's header (look  at
 it now) says that it is the  node named "Help" in the file "INFO".   It
 says that the Next node after this one is the node called "Help-P".  An
 advanced INFO command lets you go to any node whose name you know.

   Besides a "Next", a node can have a "Previous" or an "Up".  But  this
 node doesn't have either of those, as you can see.

   Now it's time to move on to  the Next node, named "Help-P".  
 >>  Type "N" to move there.