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 Space, Caret, B and Dot commands.

   This node's header tells you that you are now at node "Help-Dot", and
 that "P" would get you back to "Help-P".  The line starting "Space," is
 a "Title", saying what the node is about (most nodes have one).

   This is a big  node and it  doesn't all fit  on your display  screen.
 You can  tell that  there is  more that  isn't visible  because of  the
 "--MORE--" that appears on a line near the bottom of the screen.

   The Space, Caret and B commands  exist to allow you to "move  around"
 in a node that doesn't all fit  at once.  Space moves forward, to  show
 what was below the bottom of the screen.  Caret moves backward, to show
 what was above the  top of the screen  (there isn't anything above  the
 top until  you have  typed some  spaces).
 >> Now try typing a Space (afterward, type a Caret to return here).

   When you type the space, the two lines that were at the bottom of the
 screen appear at the top, followed by more lines.  Caret takes the  two
 lines from the top and moves them to the bottom, USUALLY, but if  there
 are not a full screen's worth of lines above them they may not make  it
 all the way to the bottom.

   If you type a Space  when there is no more  to see, it will ring  the
 bell and otherwise  do nothing.   The same goes  for a  Caret when  the
 Header of the node is visible.

   If your screen is ever  garbaged, you can tell  INFO to print it  out
 again by typing a Dot (".").
 >> Type a Dot now.

   To move back to the beginning of the node you are on, you can type  a
 lot of Carets.  You can also type simply "B" for beginning.
 >> Try that now.  (I have put  in enough verbiage to make sure you  are
 not on the first screenful now).  Then come back, with Spaces.

   You have just learned a considerable number of commands.  If you want
 to use one but  have trouble remembering which,  you should type a  "?"
 which will print out a brief  list of commands.  When you are  finished
 looking at the list, type a Space to make it go away and make the  node
 come back.  
 >> Type a "?" now.  After it finishes, type a Space.

   From now on, you will encounter large nodes without warning, and will
 be expected to know how to use  Space and Caret to move around in  them
 without being told.  Since not all terminals have the same size screen,
 it would be impossible to warn you anyway.

 >> Now type "N" to see the description of the "M" command.