Tentative Class Schedule, Summer 1998

Note: Some of the courses listed below are taught sequentially to help students finish up certain sequences so they can be ready for the semester system. These sequences have section numbers greater than four, and the time they are taught is indicated by notes like first or second half (of the summer quarter). Capacities are tentative at this stage.

Courses labeled Section R15 or R16 are taught for the Bridging the Gaps program which is designed for elementary and secondary teachers. You can also take them if you are a University of Utah student but you need to sign up for the section labeled R7. Teachers spend the extra time listed for the R15 and R16 sections in discussions. For details contact the director of the Bridging the Gaps program, Dr. Larry Lewis, JWB 217, 581-5231.

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Seating Information
101 103 105 106 107 111 112 113 128 129
221 223 251 252 307 310 327 330 353 354
401 402 403 404 405 406 409 507 560 Other
101-R1MTWF7:30-8:30JWB 33560   S Zhosina
101-R2MTWF12:30-1:30BU C 10560   B Guy
101-R3MW7:15-9:15pJWB 33560   D Kovacevicz
103-R1MTWF10:00-11:00JWB 33560   S Sather-Wagstaff
103-R2TH7:15-10:00pmJWB 33560   K Eppler
103-R3TH7:15-10:00pmAEB 32070   I Mineyev
105-R1MTWF7:30-8:30BEH S 10160   L Lewis
105-R2MTWF11:15-12:15pmEMCB 11060   X Xi
105-R3MW7:15-10:00pmBEH S 11560   M Butler
105-R5MTWF1:45-4:00LS 101606/22-7/14T Yoshikawa
106-R5MTWF1:45-4:00LS 101607/16-8/12Z Smith
106-R1MTWF7:30-8:30JTB 13060   J Kong
106-R2MTWF12:30-1:30LS 11160   E Newren
107-R1MTWF8:45-9:45JWB 33560   T Brennan
107-R2TH7:15-9:15pLS 10160   E Brown
112-R5MTWHF11:15-1:30EMCB 101806/22-7/14B Amende
113-R5MTWHF11:15-1:10JWB 335807/16-8/12B Amende
111-R6MTHWF1:30-4:30JWB 3351506/22-7/10G Davey
112-R6MTWHF1:30-4:30JWB 3351507/13-7/31J Jacobsen
113-R6MTWHF1:30-4:30JWB 3351508/3-8/21S Sather-Wagstaff
113-R1MTWF7:30-8:30AMLS 10160   F Gross
113-R2MTWF12:30-1:30LS 10160   C-S Yi
113-R3MW7:15-9:15PMLS 10160   K Eppler
113-R4MTWF12:30-1:30EMCB 12260   canceled
128-R1MTWF8:45-9:45LS 10160   EKoizumi
128-R2TH7:15-9:15pLS 10260   D Kovacevic
128-R5MTWHF11:15-1:30LS 102606/22-7/14B Thornton
129-R5MTWHF11:15-1:30LS 102607/16-8/12B Thornton
129-R1MTWF10:00-11:00EMCB 11060   S Zhoshina
129-R2MW7:15-9:15pLS 10260   B Guy
221R-15MTWHF7:30am-12:00   256/22-7/17D Tucker
221R-7MTWHF7:30-9:45EMCB 112256/22-7/17D Tucker
223-R7MTWF10:00-11:00EMCB 12260   F Gross
251-R1MTWF10:00-11:00LS 10260   A Kuharsky
251-R2MW4:00-6:00LS 10260   P Trombi
252-R1MTWF11:15-12:15ARCH 12760   J Jacobsen
252-R2TH4:00-6:00LS 10260   P Trombi
307-R1MTWF 8:45-9:45MBH 11260   L Lewis
307L-R1H8:00-10:00   20    
307L-R2H10:00-12:00   20    
307L-R3H12:00-2:00   20    
310R-15MTWHF12:30-4:00pm   256/22-7/17T Moore
310R-7MTWHF12:30-2:45pmEMCB 112256/22-7/17T Moore
330R-16MTWHF12:30-4:00pm   257/20-8/14L Lewis
330R-7MTWHF12:30-2:45EMCB 112257/20-8/14L Lewis
327-R1MTWF11:15-12:15BEH S 11460   C Harris
353-R1MTWF12:30-1:30AEB 32060   A Kuharsky
354-R1MTWF10:00-11:00EMCB 11460   C Harris
401R-15MTWHF12:30-4:00   256/22-7/17B Earl
401R-7MTWHF12:30-2:45AEB 350256/22-7/17B Earl
402R-16MTWHF7:30-12:00   257/20-8/14E Brown
402R-7MTWHF7:30-9:45EMCB 112257/20-8/14E Brown
403R-16MTWHF12:30-4:00pm   257/20-8/14B Earl
403R-7MTWHF12:30-2:45BU C 211257/20-8/14B Earl
404R-15MTWHF12:30-4:00   256/22-7/17R Barton
404R-7MTWHF12:30-2:45BU C 211256/22-7/17R Barton
405R-16MTWHF7:30-12:00   257/20-8/14B Earl
405R-7MTWHF7:30-9:45EMCB 124257/20-8/14B Earl
406R-16MTWHF12:30-4:00pm   257/20-8/14M Keir
406R-7MTWHF12:30-2:45AEB 350257/20-8/14M Keir
409R-15MTWHF7:30-12:00   256/22-7/17M Keir
409R-7MTWHF7:30-9:45N S 207256/22-7/17M Keir
507-R1MTWF10:00-11:00ART 15860   D Mason
507-R2MW7:15-9:15pAEB 32060   Y Xiao
560-R1MTWHF8:45-9:30JFB B-160   L Glaser