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Seminar and Colloquium Bulletin
for the week of January 24 - January 28, 2000.


MONDAY, January 24
        3:30 PM         APPLIED MATH
                        Richard Normann (Bioengineering) 
                        will present
                        "Representations of sensory and motor 
                        information by neuronal ensembles in 
                        the vertebrate nervous system"
                        in INSCC 110

TUESDAY, January 25
                        Grisha Mikhalkin will present
                        "Visualizing surfaces in four-dimensional 
                        space: how complex numbers help"
                        in JFB 334

        3:05 PM         MAX DEHN
                        Grisha Mikhalkin will present
                        "Surfaces in 3-space and their amoebas"
                        in JWB 208

        4:15 PM         ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY
                        Holger Kley will present
                        "On an example of Voisin"
                        in JFB 102

WEDNESDAY, January 26
        3:20 PM         MATH BIOLOGY
                        Alex Mogilner (UC Davis) will present
                        "Mathematical model of bacterial energy taxis"
                        in JWB 208

THURSDAY, January 27
        3:05 PM         GRADUATE COLLOQUIUM
                        Sean Sather-Wagstaff will present
                        "Hilbert polynomials"
                        in ST 104

FRIDAY, January 28
        3:05 PM         COMMUTATIVE ALGEBRA
                        Anurag Singh will present
                        "Associated prime ideals of 
                        local cohomology modules"
                        in JWB 308

        3:20 PM         REPRESENTATION THEORY
                        Goran Muic will present
                        "On the first occurence in 
                        the local theta correspondence"
                        in JWB 208

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