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Seminar and Colloquium Bulletin
for the week of February 21 - February 25, 2000.


TUESDAY, February 22
                        Peter Alfeld will present
                        "Unsolved problems in mathematics"
                        in JFB 334

        4:15 PM         ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY
                        Adrian Vasiu will present
                        "Generalized Serre-Tate theory"
                        in JFB 102

        4:15 PM         SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM
                        Anette Hosoi will present
                        "Wine tears and other instabilities 
                        in climbing films"
                        in JWB 335
                        Refreshments in the Faculty Lounge (JWB 228) 
                        at 3:45 PM.

WEDNESDAY, February 23
        3:30 PM         MATH BIOLOGY
                        Steve Krone (University of Idaho) 
                        will present
                        "Interacting particle systems with 
                        range dependence"
                        in INSCC 110

THURSDAY, February 24
        3:05 PM         GRADUATE COLLOQUIUM
                        Nathan Jones will present
                        "Questions in graph theory"
                        in ST 104

        4:15 PM         COLLOQUIUM
                        David Vogan (MIT) will present
                        "Three-dimensional subgroups 
                        and unitary representations"
                        in JWB 335
                        Refreshments in the Faculty Lounge (JWB 228) 
                        at 3:45 PM.

FRIDAY, February 25
        3:05 PM         COMMUTATIVE ALGEBRA
                        Sara Faridi (Michigan) will present
                        "Closure operations on ideals"
                        in JWB 308

        3:05 PM         STOCHASTICS
                        Jean-Marie Aubry 
                        (Univ. of California, Davis) will present
                        "On random wavelet series"
                        in JTB 120

        3:20 PM         REPRESENTATION THEORY
                        David Vogan (MIT) will present
                        "Computing Lusztig's parametrization 
                        of dominant weights (after Pramod Achar)"
                        in JWB 208

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