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Journal Watch


We (allegedly!) know our group's research areas and are able to spot articles that may be of interest to someone else. In this case, bring a hard copy of the abstract to group meeting.

Physiology group research topics


Journal Reader
Biophysical Journal Keshav
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Tory
Journal of Theoretical Biology Katie
Journal of Mathematical Biology Samantha
Mathematical Medicine and Biology Keshav, Anil
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics Sean, Jake
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems Sean, Alex
PNAS Patrick, Alex
Nature Kees, Katie
Science Patrick
Cell Kees, Tory
Current Opinion in Cell Biology Montana, Keshav
PLoS Computational Biology Alex
Physical Review E Jake, Samantha, Anthony
Physical Review Letters Jake, Sean, Samantha, Anthony
Molecular Cell Biology Montana
eLife Eli(fe)
Developmental Cell Anil
PLoS One Kees
Journal of Chemical Physics Claire, Jake
SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Jake, Claire
Journal of Cellular Biology No One Currently
ArXiv Jake, Kees