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WeBWorK Procedures for Administrators

by Hsiang-Ping Huang, JWB 103, 585-7667,

This page lists procedures followed by WeBWorK administrators. It's an evolving document to be used and developed by ww staff.


More Information   Response to Requests   WeBWorK Servers  
Sample Course    Setting Course Parameters   The Professor's Page  
Adding Students   Assembling Home Work Sets   File Manager  
Sending Customized Mail   Responding to Students   Giving Students Credit  
Extending Deadlines   Changing Passwords   Changing Email Addresses  
Modifying Assignments   Adding a Professor   Questions etc.  

More Information

The following web pages contain more information. Let me know if there is a problem with any of them.
  1. Current Courses, giving links to login pages for the class and to hardcopies of problem banks. We do not publicize this page, it is for our internal operation only.
  2. Current Courses for Students, a similar page omitting some administrative links. This is for students looking for the login page of their course. There is a link to this page on the math department home page, Then they can find WEBWORK CLASSES.
  3. WeBWorK summary for Instructors. This is a summary of WeBWorK for prospective users. If anybody asks you about ww with a view towards to using it in a class you can point them to this page.
  4. WebWork summary for students A currently quite sparse file that contains help information for students using WeBWorK.
  5. Hard copies of past courses. This will be the main source of local problems. You should be able to locate the source code of any problem in these courses. Let me know if you need more information about this.
  6. Administrative Guide The page that you are viewing now.

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Response to Requests

I will take care of requests from instructors to attend to certain matters, such as assembling and building home work sets, or fixing technical problems. I usually respond to an emergency, like a bug in a ww problem, within a working day. Similarly, I respond to a request from a student to be added to a class within a working day. If I receive a request that I won't be able to complete within a day, I will acknowledge that I received the request, and indicate when I anticipate I will be able to complete the work on this particular task.

If you have any ideas about how our operation can be smoothed and improved, let me know!

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WeBWorK Servers

We have two WeBWorK servers: webwork1 also known as lakeside, and webwork2 also known as grousecreek.

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Sample Course

The examples on this page all use the course Math 1250, section 2, Fall of 2007, taught and administered by Hsiang-Ping Huang.

The course resides on webwork1. The course webpage illustrates the conventions used for all our ww courses:

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Setting Course Parameters

Email instructor is set to the email address or addresses of the individual or individuals who will receive the student's queries. Usually this will be the teacher of the class, or perhaps an assistant.

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The Professor's Page

Once you log in to your course, Main Menu is on the left of the screen. That page is largely self-explanatory. You will be going to it many times after logging into WeBWorK. This WebWork page is not visible to students, only to specifically privileged users. Help is provided at the bottom of the page.

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Adding students to a class

The class directory requires a list of students,

This is provided at the first day of the semester. Then go to the Classlist Editor page and Import users from file,

It is recommend that you add a fictitious student Math Person with login name c-math and password 10101 that can be used for testing purposes.

To add the students by hand, they should give you their Last Name, First Hame, Student ID. Email Addresses are by default their UMail addresses. To find out the appropriate login name of a student such as, say, Beatrix Anne Monroe, give a command such as finger c-meba , finger c-meba1 , finger c-meba2 , etc. Go to the Classlist Editor page, Add and enter the appropriate information.

After adding students, send a message to them through the Email page. Keep a message file,

with the relevant information.

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Assembling Home Work Sets

There are several ways to assemble a homework set, say
Set 1-Review

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File Manager

Go to the File Manager page. Here is the place you can upload/download files from your local environment. The physical problems are stored under the templates directory. However if you try to go to the symbolic link, like
a warning sign will appear and forbid you go outside your course directory for the security reason.

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Sending Customized Mail

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Responding to a student's query

Mathematical queries of students will normally be directed to the instructor or a specific assistant for that course.

You can see the precise WeBWorK problem as it is seen by the student. This includes the particular numerical values of problem parameters that may be different for each student. You can also see the student's most recent answer, and all past answers.

To see this information, go to Students Progress page. Click on the student's name and then select the relevant problem as if you were doing the problem set yourself. However if you Check Answers as the student, what you enter is not recorded. You can Stop Acting and resume your role as an instructor.

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Giving Students Credit

Students may be given credit for problems, without doing the work, for example because of a mistake in the problem itself, like ww having the the wrong answer. Credit can be given to individual students or the whole class. Possible actions include:

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Extending Deadlines

A similar process as in Giving Students Credit.

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Changing Passwords

Passwords are encrypted, and we cannot look them up. However, if a students forgets a ww password we can reset it to anything we want, usually the student's ID number. Go the Classlist Editor page and Give new password.

Note that anybody with professor's privileges can look up your ID and initial password, and use it unless you change it. This is not usually a problem, but you want to be aware of it.

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Changing Email Addresses

Students can change their email address themselves to anything they like at any time after logging into WeBWorK.

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Modifying Assignments

Assignments can be modified for the whole class by going to the Homework Sets page and select the particular problem. Edit this problem and change the codes as necessary. If the file is protected, Make a local editable copy. If not, Save or Create a copy.

Please notify me of any major modifications for the maintenance purpose.

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Adding a Professor

Follow the process as in Adding students to a class. Raise the Permission Level to 10.

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Questions, Problems, Suggestions

Please let me know of any questions, problems, mistakes, or suggestions for improvements!

Hsiang-Ping Huang, JWB 103, 585-7667.

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