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What's involved in WeBWorK?

by Peter Alfeld.
This page is intended as an overview of ww for instructors who are considering its use for their class.

WeBWorK Answers

The possible types of WeBWorK answers include:


You can send mass mailings to your class containing individual information, like test scores and and current grades. This feature is most useful, and quite underused.

Tasks involved in running a ww class

The list of tasks involved below is sorted roughly by decreasing instructor involvement. Only you can decide what problems to include in your ww assignments. But you don't need to be savvy in Unix or know how to write ww problems. On the other hand, perhaps the most satisfying way to run ww is to have control over all of its aspects. We can accommodate both extremes and anything in between.


Here are some suggestions, based on my own experience. All of them are just my personal opinion, and some of them may be controversial.