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Publication list

  • Examples of spanned and ample vector bundles with small numerical invariants. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Ser. I Math 323, no. 9, 1025-1029 (1996).

  • Remarks on Seshadri constants of vector bundles. Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Tome 50 (2000) - Fascicule 3, 767-780. Fourier

  • Divisors on principally polarized abelian varieties. Compositio Mathematica 119 No. 3, December 1999, 321-329. pluri3.ps

  • Fourier transforms, generic vanishing theorems and polarizations of abelian varieties. Mathematische Zeischrift 235 (2000) 717-726. math.AG/9902078

  • Characterization of Abelian Varieties. (With J. A. Chen) Inventiones Mathematicae 143 (2001) 2, 435-447. math.AG/9903184

  • Pluricanonical maps of varieties of maximal Albanese dimension. (With J. A. Chen) Math. Annalen. 320 (2001) 2, 367-380. math.AG/0005187

  • On algebraic fiber spaces over varieties of maximal Albanese dimension. (With J. A. Chen) Duke Math. Jour. 111, issue 1, 159-175 math.AG/0011042

  • Quantum invariant theory and quantum Schubert varieties. (With R. Fioresi) Jour. of Algebra, 242, No. 2, Aug 2001, 433-446.

  • Deformations of flat line bundles and their metrics. (With H. Clemens) Amer. Journal of Math. 124.4 August 2002, 769-815 math.AG/0011244

  • Surfaces with $p_g=q=3$. (With R. Pardini) Trans. of the Amer. Math. Soc. 354 (2002), 2631-2638. math.AG/0104048

  • On the birational geometry of varieties of maximal Albanese dimension. (With R. Pardini) Journ. Reine Angew. Math. 546 (2002) 177-199. math.AG/0105070

  • Effective criteria for birational morphisms. Jour. London Math. Soc. Vol. 67 part 2 April 2003, 337-348 LMS

  • Linear series of irregular varieties. (With J. A. Chen) Proceedings of the symposium on Algebraic Geometry in East Asia. World Scientific (2002) JAG.dvi

  • On the irregularity of the image of the Iitaka fibration. (With J. A. Chen) To appear in Comm. in Algebra Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 203-215 (2004) . commA.dvi

  • An example of surface of general type with $p_g=q=2$ and $K_X^2=5$. (With J. A. Chen) To appear in P. J. M. pq2B.dvi

  • Varieties with $P_3=3$ and $q(X)=dim (X)$. Math. Nachr. 278, No. 4, 409-420 (2005). p3B.dvi

  • On infinite dimensional Grassmannians and their quantum deformations.(With R. Fioresi) Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico dell'Universita' di Padova Vol. 111 (2004) math.QA/0111112

  • Varieties with $P_3=4$ and $q(X)=dim (X)$. (With J. A. Chen) Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Classe di Scienze, serie V, Vol. III, 2 (2004). math.AG/0308195

  • A derived category approach to generic vanishing theorems. Journ. Reine Angew. Math. 575 (2004) math.AG/0308198

  • Birational characterization of products of curves of genus 2. (With R. Pardini) Math. Research Letters 12, no. 1, (2005) math.AG/0402296

  • On the degree of the canonical maps of $3$-folds. Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci. {\bf 80} (2004), no. 8, 166--167. JAP.pdf

  • Holomorphic one-forms on varieties of general type. (Joint with S. Kovacs) Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup. (4) 38 599-607 (2005) math.AG/0402296

  • Singularities of divisors of low degree on abelian varieties. (Joint with O. Debarre) To appear in Man. Math. math.AG/0503664

  • Shokurov's Rational Connectedness Conjecture. (Joint with J. M^cKernan) To appear in Duke Math. J. math.AG/0504330

  • Boundedness of pluricanonical maps of varieties of general type (Joint with J. M^cKernan) Invent. Math. 166, 1-25 (2006) math.AG/0504327

  • On the existence of Flips (Joint with J. M^cKernan) math.AG/0507597

  • Extension Theorems and the existence of Flips (Joint with J. M^cKernan) To appear in flips for 3-folds and 4-folds, A. Corti editor.

  • Pluricanonical systems on irregular 3-folds of general type. (With J.A. Chen) Math. Zeit.

  • Termination of (many) 4-dimensional log flips. (With V. Alexeev and Y. Kawamata) math.AG/0605137

  • On the geography of Gorenstein minimal 3-folds of general type (Joint with M. Chen) To appear in Asian J. Math.

  • Existence of minimal models for varieties of general type (Joint with Birkar, Cascini, M$^{\rm c}Kernan}) math.AG/0610203

  • The canonical ring is finitely generated. FGsns.pdf

  • Boundedness results in birational geometry (Joint with McKernan, ICM proceedings) Boundedness.pdf

  • Flips and Flops (Joint with McKernan, ICM proceedings) FlipsFlops.pdf

  • On the boundedness of the functor of KSBA stable varieties (Joint with McKernan and Chenyang Xu, preliminary draft under revision!) bm1128.pdf

  • Other papers on the arXiv

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