the graduate student
for the 2015 Algebraic Geometry Summer Research Institute

University of Utah         •         Salt Lake City         •         July 6-10, 2015



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The algebraic geometry community has developed the now long standing tradition of running an institute every ten years with the purpose of convening a majority of practioners in the world to overview the developments of the past decade and to outline the most pressing and far-reaching problems for the next. Previous institutes have included Woods Hole (1964), Arcata (1974), Bowdoin (1985), Santa Cruz (1995) and Seattle (2005). The next 2015 AMS Summer Research Institute in Algebraic Geometry will take place at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, on July 13-31, 2015.

The BOOTCAMP will run the week preceeding the Institute, on July 6-10, 2015. It is aimed exclusively for advanced graduate students and young postdocs. The purpose is threefold:

  1. To familiarize the participants with a broad-range of developments in algebraic geometry in an informal setting, thus increasing their ability to follow and participate at the institute.
  2. To introduce young algebraic geometers to their peers and the previous generation of algebraic geometers in order to increase collaborations and form a support group for young researchers.
  3. To introduce young researchers to new techniques and questions in order to make them more effective researchers.

Application for lodging and financial support deadline: January 15, 2015.