Math 3220-001, University of Utah
Summer 2013
Foundations of Analysis II: Course Syllabus

Instructor: Davar Khoshnevisan (Contact Information | Office Hours)
Time/Place: MTWH 8:45-9:45 a.m., JTB 320
Text: Foundations of Analysis by Joseph L. Taylor, American Math. Society, Providence RI, 2012
Description: Advanced multivariable calculus. Topics include continuity, compactness, differentiation and affine approximation, chain rule, Taylor series, extremization, error estimation, inverse and implicit function theorems, Riemann integration, Fubini's Theorem, change of variables formula. The emphasis is on further developing the student's ability to understand more abstract concepts and to write an effective and rigorous mathematical argument.

Prerequisites: "C" or better in Math. 3210

4 credits

Grading: Five exams (17% each), and weekly assignments (15% total).
Exams: The five exam scores make up 85% of the grade. There are no make-up tests in this course. Every exam is assigned for the entire lecture time, and covers all of the new material covered since the previous exam.
Dates: All exams are held in the lecture hall.
  • Exam 1. May 20
  • Exam 2. June 3
  • Exam 3. June 17
  • Exam 4. July 15
  • Exam 5. July 31
Assignments: Assignments are posted below. New assignments are announced during the lectures, and have assigned due dates. Late work will not be accepted.

Seeking Help: To find help, the students are encouraged to visit the instructor during the designated drop-in office hour (web link), schedule an appointment (web link), or visit the fine (no-cost) tutoring center (web link) of the department of mathematics. The tutoring center is centered at the T. B. Rushing Undergraduate Student Center in the basement of LCB.

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