Mathematical Methods for Structured Materials

 Andrej Cherkaev and Elena Cherkaev

The development of this webside is still in progress


Structures in Nature and Engineering Why and how 
does mathematics study materials 


Workshop: Modeling the structures

There are surprisingly many types of structures, whose effective properties can be analytically computed or approximated. The galleries of such structures and a theoretical background to the calculation of their properties  can be seen below.

Do it yourself! Find the effective properties of structures and the fields in them!

The project by Andrej Cherkaev (theory) and Seoubpong Leelavanishkul (implementation, web design, interactive features)

Theory outline


Gallery of 2D structures

 Gallery of 3D structures

This site is under development. We hope to make the galleries interactive, to add new galleries and expand the existing ones. Meanwhile, we welcome your suggestions and comments.
Andrej and Elena