We have two immediate openings for post-doc and multiple immediate openings for Ph.D. students. The ideal applicant is interested in research in data science and has strong skills in both mathematics and programming. The post-doc candidate is expected to have a strong research background in data science, scientific computing, or related area. Please email with your CV if you are interested in the opportunities.

About PI

Professor Bao Wang is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics joint with the Scientific Computing and Imaging institute at the University of Utah. He was an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, at UCLA, from 2016 to 2020 before joining the University of Utah. Prof. Wang is broadly interested in the fields of machine learning, stochastic optimization, data privacy, and scientific frontiers applications. His latest interests focus on sequential deep learning, deep learning on graphs, privacy-preserving deep learning, and applications in computational imaging and quantum chemistry. His research is gratefully supported by NSF and DoE. He is a recipient of the Chancellor's Award for postdoc research of 2020 at the University of California.

About Utah Math

The Carnegie Foundation has placed the University of Utah in their ``highest research activity,'' and the University of Utah is the flagship institution of the Utah System of Higher Education. The University is located in Salt Lake City at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. This location offers unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreation, with ten world-class ski resorts and five national parks within hours of the city. Salt Lake City is the center of a metropolitan area with a population of approximately one million residents, has extensive arts and cultural activities, and has a major international airport with a Delta Airlines hub and direct flights to most U.S. cities and direct international flights to Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Mexico City. The area has received international recognition for its new light rail system, foodie culture, downtown renewal, and increasing diversity. In 2017, U.S News and World report ranked Salt Lake City as the 10th best place to live in the nation.

About Utah Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

The Utah Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute offers one of the most exciting and groundbreaking research environments. The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute focuses on interdisciplinary research by harnessing the most advanced computer technology to solve the most challenging problems in science. The SCI Institute is truly a multidisciplinary environment, bringing together internationally recognized experts in cardiology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, physics, mechanics, geology, mathematics, and computer science. We seek to create new scientific computing techniques, tools, and systems that enable solutions to problems affecting many aspects of human life.

About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the most beautiful city in the U.S. and the most populous municipality of the U.S. state of Utah. Weather in Utah is great because we get four definite, lovely seasons. Along with our snow in the winter (here’s the thing, the city isn’t a snow-bound place in the winter, we’re fortunate to get TONS of snow at the ski resorts that are only a 45-minute drive from downtown Salt Lake, but the city itself remains not only walkable, but festive and bustling all winter long) we get wonderfully temperate spring and fall weather, with a dry-warm summer. Point being, Salt Lake gets the best of each season, and we like to think thats why so many outdoor enthusiasts thrive here.