Department of Mathematics

Python and Math for K-12

Math 6080

Lesson One. Operations on Numbers

Lesson Two. Strings

Lesson Three. Variables and if then

Lesson Four. While Loops

Lesson Five. Files and Inputs

Lesson Six. A Euclidean Algorithm Interlude

Lesson Seven. Breaking out of While

Lesson Eight. Arrays

Lesson Nine. For Loops

Lesson Ten. Functions

Lesson Eleven. The Sieve of Eratosthenes

Lesson Twelve. Infinitely Many Primes I: Checking Dirichlet's Theorem

Lesson Thirteen. Infinitely Many Primes II: Making New Primes from Old

Python Code to Accompany Lesson Thirteen

Lesson Fourteen. Euler's Phi Function

Lesson Fifteen. Parallel Processing with the Chinese Remainder Theorem

Lesson Sixteen. Testing for Government Primes with Fermat's Little Theorem

Lesson Seventeen. Ciphers

Lesson Eighteen. Frequency Tables

Lesson Nineteen. RSA

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