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Using the NAG Fortran and C libraries at the University of Utah Mathematics Department

Last update: Sat Nov 17 16:23:30 2001

Last update: Sat Nov 17 16:22:39 2001

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The NAG numerical libraries contain a vast collection of high-quality software. The Fortran library contains almost 3,000 user-callable routines, and can be used directly by programs written in Fortran 77, Fortran 90, High Performance Fortran, and Fortran 95.

The C (and C++) library contains more than 1,200 user-callable routines. With some additional work on the part of the user, and understanding of inter-language communication, any routine in the NAG Fortran library can also be called from C and C++ programs.

Thus, programs in all major versions of Fortran, C, and C++ enjoy full access to the NAG numerical libraries.

The NAG software distribution is probably the most complex, and comprehensive, of any software package we have installed at our site. The file tree in which it is installed (from 5 master CD-ROMs), /usr/local/sys/nag, contains more than 142,700 files in 2,520 directories, occupying about 3.6GB of disk space. There are nearly 200 variants of the load libraries alone, covering all of the major UNIX platforms. For user convenience in tracking down things in this massive tree, the top level directory contains two useful files, FILES (8.26MB) and DIRS (0.12MB), with listings of the file names, and directory names. These files are too large for convenient Web access, but you can use UNIX search utilities, like agrep and grep, to find things in them.

Here are pointers to additional language- and architecture-specific instructions:

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