Mary Levine
Assistant to the Chair

Office: JWB 238
Phone: 801-581-8307
email: mlevine "at"

Faculty and departmental issues


Faculty Hiring (arrangements for hiring candidates and reimbursements)

Department Colloquium
Arrangements for colloquium guests and reimbursements
Weekly colloquium list

Letters of Recommendation

Visitor arrangements

Assistance with visas

Daily Tea and Colloquium Tea

Administrative Support for:
Alfeld, Peter
Cecil, Matt
Cherkaev, Andrej
Cherkaev, Elena
Hecht, Henryk
Huang, Hsiang-Ping
Iyengar, Srikanth
Jovanovic-Hacon, Aleksandra
Khoshnevisan, Davar
Lawley, Sean (colloquium related)
Milicic, Dragan
Milton, Graeme
Narayan, Akil
Nesse, Will
Noonan-Heale, Rebecca
Osting, Braxton
Patrikis, Stefan
Rassoul-Agha, Firas
Singh, Anurag
Treibergs, Andrejs