Course Title: Ordinary Differential Equations
Course Number: MATH 6410 - 1
Instructor: Andrejs Treibergs
Home Page:
Place & Time: M, W, F, 2:00 - 2:50 in LCB 215
Office Hours: 10:40-11:30 M, W, F, in JWB 224 (tent.)
Main Text: Jane Cronin, Ordinary Differential Equations: Introduction and Qualitative Theory, 3rd. ed., CRC Press, 2008.

Much of the material is standard and widely available. Therefore, students will be able to get by without owning the text. I'll provide references and put copies in the math library. We shall basically start by following the text. I will also cover additional topics that were suggested in consultation with Professors Adler, Dobson and Keener. Come to class for details and references. Here is a partial list of alternative sources that cover the material.

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