Course Title: Partial Differential Equations
Course Number: MATH 5440 - 1   MATH 6850 - 1
Instructor: Andrejs Treibergs
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Place & Time: M, W, F, 10:45 - 11:35 in LCB 222
Office Hours: 11:40-12:30 M, W, F, in JWB 224 (tent.)
Prerequisites: Math 2280 or 3140 or 3150 or consent of instructor.
Main Text: Walter A. Strauss, Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction, 2nd ed.,
Wiley (2007) ISBN-10: 0470054565 ISBN-13: 978-0470054567
Additional Texts:Annotated list of additional texts.

We shall basically follow the text. But much of the material is standard and widely available. Therefore, students might be able to get by without owning the text, although the majority of the problems will come from the text. I'll provide references and put copies in the math library. Come to class for details and references. Here is a partial list of alternative sources that cover the material.

I have taught Math 5440 a couple of times and have tried various texts: Strauss and Zachmanoglou & Thoe. I have also used Berg & McGregor at University of Chicago. Dennemeyer was used at Berkeley. My text when I was an undergraduate at Minnesota was Weibberger. Although challenging, Strauss is more modern and does a reasonable job surveying various methods. Weinberger and Berg & McGregor emphasize the fine points of Fourier Series representations, Zachmanoglou & Thoe boggs down in first order systems and separation of variables. The other widely used text by other Utah instructors is Logan, which has only enough material for a semester and has a lighter tone.

This course is designed to be a balance of application and theory that is optimized for the needs of students at Utah, be they interested is applied mathematics, mathematical biology, numerical analysis, probability, differential equations or geometric analysis. As mathematicians, it is our prerogative and, indeed duty, to understand why theorems work, so that we may modify or code them as we encounter them in the future.


Texts Suitable for an Undergraduate Course in PDE's.

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