Slides for various talks I've given:

Test ideals in non-Q-Gorenstein rings.     Slides from a talk I gave at the JMM -- special session in commutative algebra, in January 2010.

Discreteness and rationality of F-jumping numbers.     This is slides for a talk I gave at an AMS special session in commutative algebra at UIUC in the Spring of 2009. Note that some of the questions asked here were answered in the paper (which eventually also was joint work with Manuel Blickle).

Singularities in characteristic zero and in characteristic p.     This (relatively poorly made) talk surveys some of my work.

Centers of F-purity.     My first attempt at a slides talk (although it was probably a poor choice of a topic for a slides talk). I gave this talk at the Conference in honor of Mel Hochster's 65th birthday