High School Math Modeling Workshops

Our workshop series are designed to introduce high school students to the basics of the methods of mathematical modeling. Students learn about modeling frameworks like difference/differential equations and statistical analysis, as well as skills like Python and MATLAB programing and report writing. The goal is to give students the tools they need to enter competitions such as the HiMCM and the M3C.

Virtual High School Math Modeling Workshop

Co-lead with Dr. Wesley Hamilton (Utah)

Our Fall 2021 workshop series, sponsored by the University of Utah Department of Mathematics, invited motivated high school students throughout Utah. Learn more on our website here, or check out our SIAM News article!

Materials can be found here.

Essentials of Mathematical Modeling: A Seven--Part Series

Co-lead with Dr. Wesley Hamilton (Utah)

Our Spring 2022 workshop series, sponsored by SIAM and Mathworks, invites upper-level high school students from around the world to prepare for the Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge. Learn more here.

See the recordings of past sessions materials here.

Graduate Student Committees

Association for Women in Mathematics

The UofU's student chapter of the AWM seeks to foster connections between mathematicians from any and all backgrounds. Learn more about our chapter and get involved by visiting our website here!

In Fall 2021/Spring 2022, I serve as the committee chair of the AWM Speaker Series. Each semester, we invite two mathematicians to talk about research as well as their experiences in Mathematics. View a list of our speakers here.

Graduate Student Advisory Committee

GSAC is a collection of committees designed to bolster community among graduate students through mentoring, social events, grad student colloquia, professional development, recruitment, etc. Learn more about our committees here.

In Fall 2021/Spring 2022, I serve as co-chair of GSAC, acting as a liason between students and the department.

In Spring 2022, I serve as Recruitment Committee chair, and in Spring 2021, I served as a member of the committee. We organize and lead all events related to prospective graduate students visit to Salt Lake City.