A Missing Piece: Early Elementary Plane Rotations by Bob Palais
Notices of the AMS February 2014, Doceamus
, Web Supplement

I would like to express my appreciation to the following people who provided considerable, consistent, and constructive input, inspiration, and support in the development of the ideas and presentation of this article.

Prof. Steven G. Krantz, Editor, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Professor, Washington University of St. Louis

Sandra Frost Breen, Managing Editor, Notices of the American Mathematical Society

Prof. Gil Strang, Department of Mathematics, MIT, Author, Wellesley-Cambridge Press Books

Prof. Dick Hain, Director, Park City Math Institute, Math Department, Duke University

Prof. Richard Palais, Department of Mathematics, Brandeis and UCI (ret.)

Eleanor Palais, M.S. Mathematics, MPA Kennedy School, Radcliffe Extension and Belmont High (ret.), founding member of AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics).

Andrej Cherkaev and Elena Cherkaeva, Mathematics Department, University of Utah

Lee Zia, DUE Mathematics Program, National Science Foundation

Hugo Rossi, Emina Alibegovic, Mathematics Department, University of Utah

Lauren Burton, Math Teacher, Vista Heights Middle School, Alpine District, Utah

Benny Rushing, Mathematics Department, University of Utah

Daniel Fairbanks and Sam Rushforth, present and past Deans, College of Science and Health, Utah Valley University

Joseph Hwang and David Fearnley, present and past Chairs, Mathematics Department, Utah Valley University, and my other colleagues and students at UVU


Cosine Subtraction

Conic Sections