Math 2250-all sections
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Fall term, 2002

Maple Projects

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   The University maintains a great page with links to downloadable software, including Adobe Acrobat Reader (near the bottom of their page), which is free and lets you view the .pdf files below on your home computer. On the Math machines, acrobat is activated automatically if you go to a .pdf file. The University page also has links to free telnet and ftp software so you can access Math and University servers from home. Have a look at this page, you might find something you need.

   Project III: Earthquake project from section 7.4 of the text.
   2250quake-F2002.pdf  Your project assignment, in pdf format.
   2250quake-F2002.mws   Maple worksheet

   Project II:
   Tacoma Narrows.

   2250falltut.mws  2250 Maple tutorial, maple work sheet format to be saved and opened from MAPLE.
   2250falltut.pdf  portable document format, for printing or viewing in your browser, using Adobe Acrobat reader plugin.

   Project I:
   mapleL1-2002.pdf  Your project assignment, in pdf format.
   mapleL1-2002-text  Some commands which will help you answer the questions in your assignment. You can open this file with Maple or with a text editor (with Maple select "all files" in the filetype region of the "Open" dialog box in order for Maple to see this file once you've saved it, since it isn't an ".mws" file, and then choose text format=text in the next dialog box which pops up). You can then copy and modify commands from this file into the maple solution file which you create.