Math 1210-2
Calculus I
Fall term, 2007

Professor Korevaar's home page
Department of Mathematics

We meet MTWF 9:40 -10:30 JWB 335.

Our course teaching assistant is Jianyu Wang. Her office is JWB 115, and her email address is wang "at" Jianyu will hold office hours 3:30-4:20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, she will lead an informal and optional problem session every Thursday from 9:40-10:30 a.m. in our classroom JWB 335.

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class lecture notes
Friday quizzes and solutions
practice exams, exams, solutions

login page for 1210-2 WeBWorK. This is where you go to do your on-line homework problems. It probably helps you the most in terms of learning if you print out a hard copy of an entire problem set first, then work most or all the problems on paper, then enter and submit the answers in the on-line WeBWork window.

ww3.10.pdf   solution to the estimation problem from assignment 3

If you're having problems with your WeBWorK problems, there is a feedback button on each problem which will send your questions (and your work for that problem) to Jianyu (and me). She's really good at responding to your queries.

If you're having technical problems, for example you can't log on because you forgot your password, then send an email to Geoffrey Hunter. His email address is Geoffrey.Hunter"at" Make sure to include your name and uid, in addition to a description of the technical problem.