Course Announcement

Math 6710 - Applied Linear Operator and Spectral Theory (Applied Mathematics)

Time: T Th 2:00-3:20pm

Place: LCB 323


J. P. Keener, Principles of Applied Mathematics; Transformation and Approximation, second edition, Perseus Books

Any proceeds from the sale of this book to students will be donated to the Math Biology Development Fund in the Math Department.

Course Outline: We will cover the first four chapters (and perhaps parts of chapter 5) of the text. Homework assignments will be posted and updated regularly at this .pdf file

Notes and Other Stuff:

Here is the Maple file to calculate orthogonal polynomials:

Pages 140 and 141 are missing from several printings of the text. Here is a .pdf file of those pages.

For more information contact J. Keener, 1-6089