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Graduate Studies in Mathematical Biology:

Related Faculty

Sasha Balk : fluid dynamics, fluid turbulence

Andreij Cherkaev : Optimization of materials

David Dobson : Scattering Theory and Photonics

Paul Fife : Diffusion-reacion equations, material science

Ken Golden : Percolation theory, sea ice

Graeme Milton : Material science

Jingyi Zhu : Particle flows, fluid dynamics

Life Science Faculty

A growing list of life science faculty members who interact with the Math Biology group. Students in our new IGERT Training Program in Mathematical Biology will do lab rotations and select a life science advisor from this list of people.

Alessandra Angelucci:Opthalmology, anatomy of visual cortex

Philip Bernard: Pathology; genetics

Susan Bock: Medicine/Bioengineering; blood clotting

David Carrier: Biology; physiology, locomotion

Greg Clark: Bioengineering; neurophysiology

Dale Clayton: Biology; ecology

Jim Ehleringer: Biology; ecology

Robert Fujinami: Neurology;autoimmunity

David Goldenberg: Biology; protein structure and folding

Vladimir Hlady: Bioengineering/Medicinal Chemistry;biopolymers

Erik Jorgensen : Biology; synaptic transmission

Steve Kern: Pharmaceutics/Anesthesiology; anesthetics, drug interactions

Janet Lindsley: Biochemistry;topoisomerases

Sheldon Litwin: Internal Medicine; cardiology, calcium dynamics

Jennifer Lund: Ophthalmology;anatomy of visual cortex

Villu Maricq: Biology; receptor function, cell migration

Dick Normann: Bioengineering, visual cortex

Wayne Potts: Biology; host-parasite co-evolution

Rick Rabbitt: Bioengineering, auditory physiology and biophysics

Gary Rose: Biology; electrophysiology, electric fish

Michael Sanguinetti: Internal Medicine; cardiology, long QT syndrome

Jon Seger: Biology; ecology, evolutionary biology

Russell Stewart: Bioengineering; molecular motors, hydrogels

John Sperry: Plant Structure and Physiology

Ken Spitzer: Physiology/CVRTI; cardiac physiology

Wes Sundquist: Biochemistry; plasmids, protein structure

Neil Vickers: Biology; Physiology, pheromones

Biotech Internships

A growing list of Biotech companies have expressed interest in hosting Math Biology students for summer internships. Typically, a student may choose to spend a summer after the first or second year of graduate study in an internship. The companies that have expressed this interest to date include:

Idaho Technologies (Contact: David Eyre)

Arcaris (Contact: Alexander Kamb )

Myriad Genetics (Contact: Daniel Wettstein )

Merck Research Laboratories (Contact: Jeffrey Sachs )

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