University of Utah LogoMath 2270 - Linear Algebra - Spring 2012


Completed projects were due on the last day of class. Presentations of the more interesting projects were given in class during the last three lecture periods. The formats are PDF and Maple Text input.

Presented Projects

  1. Aldous, Arnold and Edwards: Waveforms and Spectrograms PDF
  2. Down, Firestone and Reed: Fractals: Iterated Function Systems and Linear Algebra PDF
  3. Edfrennes, Roddum and Thorsen: Cracking the Code: An Introduction to Hill Ciphers PDF
  4. Guckert: Fast Fourier Transform and the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform in MP3 Audio Compression PDF
  5. Kubly and Pellatt: Forecasting United States Real Gross Domestic Product PDF
  6. McGrath: Using Linear Algebra to Determine Spatial Autocorrelation: Geography PDF
  7. Weeks: The Vertex Adjacency Matrix: Illustrated Tales of (1) The Tortoise; (2) The Spanning Tree; (3) The Eel PDF
  8. Yizhou Ye: Image Compression by SVD and DCT PDF

Submitted Projects and Incomplete Drafts

  1. Azad and Wiser: Image Editing: Photos, RGB and Linear Algebra PDF
  2. Bess: Image Compression via DCT and SVD: A Matlab Investigation PDF
  3. Boyer: Gaussian Quadrature: An Application of Gram-Schmidt PDF
  4. Christensen: A Brief History of Linear Algebra PDF
  5. Gautam: Markov Chains and Nepal Voting Behavior PDF
    This first draft has no references. It uses the completed project from 2007 found at Markov Chains, reported by J.F. via email September 23, 2013. The link is a good example of how to use citations.
  6. Koizumi: Sound Compression of WAV Files: Maple Investigation PDF
  7. Boya Li: Productive Economy: A Maple Investigation PDF
  8. Partridge: Fractals: A Maple Investigation PDF
    Maple Source 1
    Maple Source 2
  9. Wang and T. Ye: Relationship between Economic GDP and Mathematics PDF
    Maple Source