Newton and Laplace

Engineering Math 2250-1 Spring 2012

2250 meets 7:30am daily in JTB 140
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Due Dates, Extra Credit, Problem Notes, Maple Projects

  1. Updated due dates (08 May 2012, 19K html)
  2. Extra credit Extra Math and Maple Problems to Cancel Zeros and Fifties.
  3. Problem notes FAQ, Exercise and Maple Lab Solution Notes.
  4. Maple Projects Maple Labs [1 to 7] and Maple Extra Credit [8,9,10].
  5. ER-1, ER-2 Special problems for Chapter 1, Exam 1 Review.

Reading, Lecture Notes, Slides, Manuscripts

  1. Reading Textbook and WEB Site Reading Schedule
  2. Lectures What happened in class? Lecture material, slides and references.
  3. Click here for Notebook Computer files: lecture slides and documents.
  4. Historical References. Manuscripts Click here. Slides Click here.
    Appearing here are historical links to classroom pdf manuscripts, slides, textbook problem solutions, examples, solution outlines and maple code. See the preceding link for current slides and manuscripts.

Midterm and Final Exam

The exam dates are 16 Feb, 23 Feb, 22 Mar, 29 Mar, 12 Apr, 19 Apr, Final Exam on 27 Apr. Click here for all S2012 exam materials, including samples, old exam keys with solutions, keys to this semester's exams, and related study guides for exams.

Syllabus, Gradesheet, Reports

  1. Gustafson's 2250-1 7:30am syllabus S2012. syllabus
  2. Gustafson's 2250-1 7:30am gradesheet and problem list S2012. gradesheet
  3. Gustafson's 2250-1 7:30am Roster and Majors S2012. Roster ( 20 Jan 2012, 18K pdf)
  4. 2250 format suggestions: How to improve written reports.
Maple Tutorials and Maplesoft offer
  1. Maplesoft Quick Reference Cards Click Here
  2. Douglas Meade's Quick Reference Card for Maple 12 Click Here
  3. A one-page pdf Matlab cheat sheet from Strang's linear algebra course at MIT Click Here
  4. A rookie maple tutorial for the impatient from Indiana University Click Here
  5. Maple programming examples by topic from Kettering University Click Here
  6. Maple tutorial 2012 in html format Here (19 Jan 2012, 1.8K html)
    Sections based on Angie Gardiner's tutorial below. Used in LCB115 maple intro lectures.
  7. Angie Gardiner tutorial source. Save worksheet to local disk and launch it in maple.
    Worksheet [usually right click] (26 Dec 2011, 153K mws)
    Angie Gardiner tutorial 30+ page text Here. ( 26 Dec 2011, 1.0M pdf)
  8. Details for maple 12 under unix, windows, OS/X How to use maple 12 ( 27 Dec 2011, 3.2K txt)
  9. Maple graphics and low speed internet Maple at home (28 Dec 2011, 6.8K txt)
  10. Maple 15 Offer S2012
    Visit Maplesoft's web store here and use this 50-percent promotion code (correct, $50/copy): AP34033-EC028
    The promotion code is valid until Monday, May 07, 2012.
Old Engineering Math Local Documents 1998-2011
  1. Link to Fall 2010 Eng Math documents Click here
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FLASH Animations of applications
  1. The 85 physics animations in the link below are Copyright 2002 David M. Harrison, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Toronto.
    Harrison's physics animations
    A high percentage of the areas covered in the 85 animations touch the subject matter of this course: Chaos, Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Micrometer Caliper, Miscellaneous, Nuclear, Optics, Oscilloscope, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Sound Waves, Vectors, Waves.
  2. The physics animations in the link below are Copyright 2002 Dan Russell, Dept. of Physics, Kettering Univ. See in particular the movies and animations for harmonic motion, forced oscillations and resonance.
    Dan Russell's physics animations
    * Simple Harmonic Oscillator - with and without damping, transfer of energy between kinetic and potential forms
    * Damped Harmonic Oscillator - underdamped, overdamped, and critically damped
    * Forced Harmonic Oscillator - transient and steady state response to a force applied to the mass
    * The Simple Pendulum - comparing the linear approximation (small angle) with a real pendulum
    * Coupled Oscillators - energy transfer between two mass-spring systems coupled together
    * Dynamic Absorbers - J.P. Den Hartog's classical undamped tuned dynamic absorber
    * Tacoma Narrows Bridge  - (0.668 MB mpeg movie) - when engineers don't account for resonance when designing structures
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