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Some Recent Publications:

The US prevailed in the Space Race of the 1960s — with STEM, we can win the 'Earth Race' too, K. M. Golden, The Hill, January 2024

Physics of the cryosphere, invited, A. F. Banwell et al., Nature Reviews Physics, PDF July 2023

Stieltjes functions and spectral analysis in the physics of sea ice, invited, K. M. Golden et al., Special Issue on "Interdisciplinary perspectives on climate sciences highlighting past and current scientific achievements," Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 30(4), 527–552, PDF 2023

Order to disorder in quasiperiodic composites, D. Morison et al., Communications Physics 5, 148 (9 pp. and online cover), 2022

Uncertainty quantification for ecological models with random parameters, J. R. Reimer et al., Ecology Letters 25(10), 2232-2244, PDF 2022

The effect of melt pond geometry on the distribution of solar energy under first-year sea ice , C. Horvat et al., Geophysical Research Letters 47, 2019GL085956 (10 pp.), 2020

Modeling sea ice, invited, K. M. Golden et al. Notices of the American Mathematical Society 67(10), 1535-1555 and issue cover, PDF 2020

Spectral analysis and computation for homogenization of advection diffusion processes in steady flows, N. B. Murphy et al., Journal of Mathematical Physics 61, 013102, 34 pp., 2020

Ising model for melt ponds on Arctic sea ice, Y.-P. Ma et al., New Journal of Physics 21, 063029 (9 pp.), 2019


Recent Media Coverage:

How statistical physics illuminates sea ice, a critical piece of Earth’s climate system (on Nature Reviews Physics article), Brian Maffly, @theU, July 2023

How atomic-scale geometry might shape the future of electronics, Adrienne Bernhard, Popular Mechanics, June 2023

Through adversity to the stars, Ken Golden's Opening Remarks at the Wilkes Climate Summit, University of Utah, May 2023

New, highly tunable composite materials—with a twist, EurekAlert!,,, SciTechDaily, Paul Gabrielsen, U. of Utah, June 2022

Counting on mathematicians to help save the planet, Sarah Griffiths, BBC Storyworks and International Science Council series Unlocking Science, December 2021

A nearly 100-year-old physics model replicates modern Arctic ice melt, R. Crowell, EOS, August 2019

Magnet and neuron model also predicts Arctic sea ice melt, Leila Sloman, Scientific American, July 2019


Coverage of Recent Awards:

Calvin S. and JeNeal N. Hatch Prize in Teaching, University of Utah, May 2023

Inaugural Presidential Societal Impact Scholar Award, University of Utah, May 2022


Selected Videos:

University of Utah Frontiers of Science Lecture Introduction Video, February 2021

SIAM Video: Math Behind Sea Ice and our Changing Planet, September 2017

NSF Discoveries Video: On Golden's Melt Pond (Bringing Mathematics to Sea Ice Research), November 2015

NSF Science Nation Video on Sea Ice Math, January 2014


Previous Highlights:

Cold Equations: Profile of Ken Golden, Science, April 2009

Mathematical Patterns in Sea Ice Reveal Melt Dynamics, Scientific American, March 2014

Q&A: What is a mathematical physicist doing out in the cold?, Physics Today, March 2016

Polar Ice May Hold Secrets of Futuristic Materials, YahooNews, November 2015

U Mathematician Named to Explorers Club, U of Utah Press Release, November 2014

Meet Ken Golden: Arctic Adventurer and Mathematician, Loyola Phoenix, October 2014

Melting at the microscale: Studying sea ice close-up may improve climate models, Science News, June 2010


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