Efthymios S. Folias
Professor of Mechanics & Mathematics (emeritus)
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
Ph.D. Aeronautics (Solid Mechanics), California Institute of Technology, 1963
M.S. Mathematics, University of New Hampshire, 1960
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 1959


New article (updated appendix)

E.S. Folias, “On the Structure of the 3D Stress Field and Its Singularity at the Vertex of a 3D Griffith Crack,”
(submitted to International Journal of Fracture, 2012) pp. 1-24.   .pdf

Abstract: The author in this paper investigates the analytical 3D stress field in the neighborhood of the intersection of a crack and a free surface. Utilizing the form of a general 3D solution, which the author constructed in a previous paper, he recovers the explicit displacement and stress fields in this neighborhood. The analysis shows the stresses to be proportional to ρ^ (-1/2-2ν).