Avalanche basics:

image Two avalanche primers: here and here
image On avalanche risks
image Eight steps to reducing your avalanche risk
image Avalanche facts
image Danger scales for avalanches
image Snowmans FAQ
image Munter's 3x3 method

Backcountry skiing basics:

image Backcountry skiing FAQ
image Backcountry skiing hazards and safety recommendations

Avalanche Safety Equipment:

image EKW Fund - Wholesale Avalanche Equipment

Snow and avalanche conditions:

image Current avalanche and weather conditions in the Central Wasatch
image Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center: World wide avalanche forcasts.
image Westwide Avalanche Network: Professional resources
image American Avalanche Institute:

Snow, ice and weather related links:

image Western US snow summary
image Snow and Ice data:
image Beautitful snow crystal gallery:
image Snow crystal gallery:
image Another snow crystal gallery:
image A poor translation of Munter's scheme

Avalanche references:

image Perla, Ronald I. and Martinelli, M. Jr., Avalanche Hanbook,
USDA Forest Service Agriculture Handbook 489, July 1976.
image David McClung and Peter Schaerer, Avalanche Handbook,,
The Mountaineers, Seattle, 1993.
image M. Falk, H. Brugger and L Adler-Kastner, "Avalanche survival chances",
Nature, Vol. 368, 3 March 1994.
image General information bibliography from the Snowman
image Technical information bibliography from the Snowman

Altavista web search for avalanche references:

Search and Display the Results

Avalanche modeling references:

image Avalanche simulation
image Altavista web search

Miscellaneous avalanche links:

image Some more basics:
image Zurich Global Information System:
image Italian Center for avalanche defense
image Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

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