Math 5010-1: Final Practice Examination and Other Last-minute Stuff

You may find the following useful in your preparations for the final exam in this course:
  1. The final exam is comprehensive. It covers all but the starred sections of Chapters 1 through 8, inclusive.
  2. In addition to the lecture material, you are asked to read Section 6.7 pages 300-308 (edition 7) carefully. This is material on "joint probability distribution of functions of random variables," and plays an important role in various applications of probability theory. I expect you will learn this material before the final. [See also the final practice sheet problem 10(d). The download button is at the bottom of this webpage]
  3. Despite the implicit threats made in the lectures, the final exam is very well represented by the final exam practice sheet, which you are advised to download and study very carefully. You are allowed, even encouraged, to work on the practice sheet in groups. However, for unknown reasons, I am not going to make available solutions to this practice sheet.
  4. If your final grade is an "A", then this is my way of telling you that I would be happy to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf, and/or serve as a job reference. Please keep in mind that I really need at least 3-4 weeks of advance notice before I agree to write a letter. If you forget this seemingly-minor detail, then I will be happy to remind you when you ask for a reference letter.
  5. Good luck in this course, and in all other future endeavors that you undertake. It has been an enjoyable term, and many of you have amassed a lot of the lore of probability theory, and have a good deal to be proud of. [I did promise it would not be an easy course, didn't I?]
Download the practice sheet