Counting Integral Points Inside A Polyhedron
The 11th VNU-HCMUS Scientific Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - November 9, 2018

BIKES, Commutative Algebra Graduate Student Seminar, University of Utah

What Makes A Complex Exact?
March 26, 2020
Cohen-Macaulay Rings (Notes)
September 27, 2019

Algebraic Topology Seminar, Vietnam National Univerisity

Introduction to Invariant Theory
Spring 2019
CW Complexes (Notes)
Fall 2018

Commutative Algebra Undergraduate Student Seminar, Vietnam National Univerisity

Gorenstein Rings (Slides)
Spring 2018
Structure of Minimal Injective Resolutions
Spring 2018
Auslander-Buchsbaum Theorem (Slides)
Fall 2017
Tor and Ext Functors
Fall 2017
Systems of Parameters, Regular Sequences and Depth
Spring 2017
Associated Prime Ideals
Spring 2017
Spring 2017