Math 6210

Instructor: Ken Bromberg
Office: JWB 303
Phone: 581-7916

Math 6210 is a standard graduate course in real analysis. The material we will cover will prepare you for the real analysis half of the analysis prelim. More importantly this is standard material (along with 6310-20 and 6510-20) which forms the basis for a doing research in any area of pure mathematics.


The text for the class is "Real and Complex Analysis" by Walter Rudin. A new copy of the hardcover edition is quite expensive but there is an international paperback that is more moderately priced. You can purchase it at I plan to follow the book reasonably closely although I might cover a few topics that are not in the book. In particular most of the homework problems will come from Rudin's book. I will attempt to cover the first nine chapters. This is a lot of material so we may spend more time on some topics than others.

Another excellent book is "Introductory Real Analysis" by Kolmogrov and Fomin. This book is not required but it is published by Dover so you should be able to find an inexpensive copy (check ABE or Amazon).


Homework will be assigned regularly. I will not accept late homework (unless you have a very good excuse). As this is a big class I will only grade a portion of each assignment.

I encourage you to work together on the homework. Everyone will still be required to individually write up each problem.


For math graduate students if you do well enough on the final that I think you would most likely pass the real analysis half of the prelim you will receive an A. If you make a serious effort to do all of the homework you will get no less than a B. If you do neither of these things your grade may be a C or worse.

If you are an undergrad or a grad student in a different department I recommend taking the class pass-fail. If you are in one of these two groups you should come talk to me individually so we can come to an agreement about the basis of your grade.

Most importantly if at anytime you are concerned about how you are doing in the class you should come talk with me.

Office hours:

You can come by my office anytime. I usually keep my door closed so you should knock. If I'm not busy I'll be happy to answer your questions. I will have office hours from 1- 1:50 on Monday and Wednesday for my Math 1100 class. If no 1100 students are there (which is likely) this is a good time to find me in my office.

I strongly encourage you to come by office. This can be a very difficult class and it is important to not fall behind.


The final exam is December 16 from 1:00 - 2:30 PM. It will be a replica of the analysis half of the prelim (which is why it is only 1 1/2 hours instead of 2).


Homework 1, due 9/1

Homework 2: Rudin, Chapter 1, problems 3,5,6,11,12 and extra problem, due 9/15

Homework 3: Rudin, Chapter 1, problems 8,9 and Chapter 2, problems 3,4,8 (Solution to Chapter 2, problem 8)

Homework 4: Rudin, Chapter 2, problems 9,22 and Chapter 3, problems 14,16, due 10/22

Homework 5 and tex source