LPTOPS 1L "07 May 1996" "Version 3.1.3" [section 8 of 12]

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By default, font file names are constructed by appending extensions .afm, .pfa, or .pfb to the PostScript font names, producing long names in mixed letter case. While this is satisfactory on newer UNIX systems with extended file systems, mixed case and long file name lengths may not be acceptable on older UNIX systems, or on other operating systems.

lptops therefore supports a simple facility that permits mapping long PostScript font names to shorter system-dependent file names through a mapping file, afmfonts.map, that is looked for in the AFMPATH search path.

The mapping file can contain comments, empty lines, and mapping lines.

Comments go from percent to end-of-line, except that a percent prefixed by a backslash is reduced to a literal non-comment-starting percent.

A long logical line can be written as multiple physical lines by breaking at a backslash-newline; those two characters are deleted when the line is joined to the next line. Line collapsing happens before comment stripping, so if line with a comment is continued, all continuation lines are part of the comment.

Mapping lines each contain a font name and a file name, separated by white space, and optionally, an equals sign or a colon. The file name need not contain a directory path, since it will be searched for in the AFMPATH search path. An explicit directory path prevents the AFMPATH from being used. The file extensions can normally be omitted, since they will be supplied automatically. If file extensions are supplied, they must be separated from the base name by a period, since the last period in the file name marks the location of an extension.

Here is a simple example of a mapping file:

% /u/sy/beebe/tex/ndvi/new/afm/afmfonts.map,
% Wed Apr 28 19:20:47 1993
% Edit by Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@sunrise>
% This file is adapted from the Adobe TranScript
% package mapping file, afmfiles.upr.    lptops
% can recognize the syntax of that file, but this
% one is more readable.  It provides a mapping
% from PostScript font names to local pathless
% file names.  The file names need not carry
% extensions, although if one is supplied, it
% should be .afm for compatibility with Adobe
% TranScript mapping files.
% The set here is suitable for use on systems,
% such as PC DOS, with 8+3 file naming
% limitations.
% [28-Apr-1993]

AvantGarde-Book                 = AvGarBk
AvantGarde-BookOblique          = AvGarBkO
AvantGarde-Demi                 = AvGarDe
AvantGarde-DemiOblique          = AvGarDeO
...lines omitted...
NewCenturySchlbk-Bold           = NewCenBo
NewCenturySchlbk-BoldItalic     = NewCenBoI
NewCenturySchlbk-Italic         = NewCenI
NewCenturySchlbk-Roman          = NewCenRo
...lines omitted...
ZapfChancery-MediumItalic       = ZapChaMeI
ZapfDingbats                    = ZapDing

% Bitstream Charter, Bitstream Courier, and Adobe
% Utopia are publicly-available fonts in PostScript
% .pfa and .pfb format.  We follow the TranScript
% conventions above to make short file names for these
% fonts.

CharterBT-Regular               = BCharReg
CharterBT-Bold                  = BCharBo
CharterBT-Italic                = BCharI
CharterBT-BoldItalic            = BCharBoI

Courier10PitchBT-Bold           = BCouBo
Courier10PitchBT-BoldItalic     = BCouBoI
Courier10PitchBT-Italic         = BCouI
Courier10PitchBT-Roman          = BCou

Utopia-Regular                  = UtopiReg
Utopia-Bold                     = UtopiBo
Utopia-Italic                   = UtopiI
Utopia-BoldItalic               = UtopiBoI
The mapping file is portable across all operating systems on which lptops runs.

On IBM VM/CMS, which uses a space instead of a period for the file extension, lptops will internally replace the mapping file extension period by a space. If extensions are supplied in the mapping file, a period, rather than a space, must be supplied in the mapping file for parsing to be correct.

If compatibility with Adobe TranScript is required, the file extension in the mapped file names should always be supplied as .afm. lptops will substitute .pfa or .pfb as needed.

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