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Multiple values

¸attributemultiple values

Keywords like author¸author and address¸address may be inadequate for files prepared by more than one person. If several authors share a common address, then using the keyword and,¸and to separate names in the author¸author field is unambiguous. However, if the postal address, electronic mail address, telephone number, and FAX number vary, it is advisable to clarify the header by attaching a hyphen and a numeric suffix to the attribute name. Here is an example:

%%%     author-1        = "Marie Claire LeBrun",
%%%     author-2        = "Hans Peter Brun",
%%%     author-3        = "Jill Brown",
%%%     address-1       = "...",
%%%     address-2       = "...",
%%%     address-3       = "...",
%%%     email-1         = "...",
%%%     email-2         = "...",
%%%     email-3         = "...",
%%%     telephone-1     = "...",
%%%     telephone-2     = "...",
%%%     telephone-3     = "...",
%%%     FAX             = "...",

File-header parsing software must be prepared to handle numeric suffixes like this for any keyword. If a keyword doesn't have such a suffix, as the FAX¸FAX keyword in this example, then it should be assumed to apply to all authors.

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Nelson H. F. Beebe