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Computer files created by humans almost inevitably go through many revisions, whether they are programs to control a satellite, or just the words of a promotion for the latest soap product.

Computer vendors have long dealt with this by attaching version numbers ¸version number to software releases. These consist of two or three numbers with some separator character, such as a period (full stop, dot). The first number is called the major version number ; it gets changed only at long intervals, usually years, when really significant changes have been incorporated. A second number is a minor version number which is incremented as smaller changes and bug fixes are incorporated. Sometimes a third number is appended, which is an edit number ; it gets incremented every time any change at all is made to the file.

In careful software production, a change log¸change log is kept to record the reasons for every change; this is particularly important when commercial interests or legal issues are at stake. [Military organizations the world over are famous for their paperwork trails; perhaps that is what helps to keep them busy during times of peace.]

For smaller files, you can probably get by with just a major version number and an edit number; for larger projects, three or more are recommended.

Here is what one version of this document had in its standard file header:

%%%     version         = "1.01",

Version numbers are particularly useful when reporting problems to the author of a file; they allow rapid verification of whether the author and end user are even talking about the same thing.

From version 1.30 of this package, version number strings may contain a final single-letter suffix which is treated as the minor version number by update-minor-version.¸update-minor-version In this style, incrementing the minor version number turns a version number 1.30 into 1.30a, 1.30b, ..., 1.30z, instead of 1.31, 1.32, ..., 1.56. Upper-case minor version letters are also recognized.

The choice of this style is determined by the form of an existing version number, or by a non-nil value for the variable file-header-minor-version-is-alphabetic.¸file-header-minor-version-is-alphabetic An error is raised if the incrementing would produce a non-letter. This style is not recommended, but is supported at the special request of the American Mathematical Society, which uses it in their TEX files.

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Nelson H. F. Beebe