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People who exchange computer files now often have network access, and the worldwide Internet is growing rapidly. It will not be long before network connections are as commonplace, and important, as telephone connections now are. Most networks support electronic mail, and the trend is to develop uniform addressing schemes that will work the world over. Thus, an electronic mail¸electronic mail address, when available, is as important as a postal address¸postal address for the author(s).

Here is an example:

%%%     email           = " (Internet)",

Since there are several networks in existence, with different naming conventions, it is helpful to identify the network as in this example.

In the event that there are multiple authors, electronic mail addresses should be given in the same order, separated by the word and, just the way the author attribute value is coded. Of course, not all of the authors might have such an address, so additional qualification, such as by a parenthesized set of initials, could follow each address. Use your ingenuity, but in such a way that someone you've never met will still understand what you mean.

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Nelson H. F. Beebe