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For the purposes of cataloging files, and recognizing their contents, it is helpful to have a few paragraphs of description. This is provided for by the docstring¸docstring attribute, which might look like this:

%%%     docstring       = "This LaTeXinfo document describes
%%%                        filehdr.el, a GNU Emacs support
%%%                        package for the creation and
%%%                        maintenance of standard file
%%%                        headers, such as this one.  It
%%%                        may be processed by LaTeX to
%%%                        produce a typeset document, or by
%%%                        M-x latexinfo-format-buffer in
%%%                        GNU Emacs to produce an info file
%%%                        for on-line documentation.
%%%                        The checksum field above contains
%%%                        a CRC-16 checksum as the first
%%%                        value, followed by the equivalent
%%%                        of the standard UNIX wc (word
%%%                        count) utility output of lines,
%%%                        words, and characters.  This is
%%%                        produced by Robert Solovay's
%%%                        checksum utility.",

This documentation need not be a user's manual for the file, unless the necessary information can be communicated in a few paragraphs of no more than a couple of thousand characters. Think of it instead as an extended abstract.¸abstract¸documentation stringas abstract

Someday, we may have tools that will extract documentation strings from standard file headers and turn them into catalogs.

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Nelson H. F. Beebe