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Running the programs

Besides TEX, , and MAKEDEX, there is one additional program needed to complete the authoreditor indexing job: AUTHIDX. Its task is to combine the data in the authoreditor index file (.aei) created in the (L)TEX runs with data extracted from the database files to produce a modified index file (.ida) that is suitable for input to MAKEDEX.

Here is the sequence of job steps that needs to be run on a UNIX system:

latex mybook.ltx
bibtex mybook
latex mybook.ltx
bibtex mybook
authidx mybook.aei > mybook.ida
mv mybook.bbl mybook.tmp
authidx mybook.aei mybook.tmp \
    > mybook.bbl
makeindex -o mybook.ina mybook.ida
makeindex -o mybook.ind mybook.idx
latex mybook.ltx

The steps on most other operating systems would be very similar to these.

The second BIBTEX run is needed to handle bibliographic data that contains \cite commands for cross-referencing; it can be omitted if this is not the case.

The second AUTHIDX run modifies the .bbl file to include page-number cross references.

Since the above steps will likely need to be done several times during document development, these commands should be encapsulated in a single command file, or better, a Makefile, since the MAKE program will check stated file dependencies to avoid running unnecessary steps.

Nelson H. F. Beebe