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Courses Taught with Syllabi

Math 1030, Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning

Math 1070, Introduction to Statistical Inference

Math 1220, Calculus II

Math 3070, Applied Statistics I

Math 3080, Applied Statistics II

Math 3210, Foundations of Analysis I

Math 3220, Foundations of Analysis II

Math 4010, Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I

Math 4020, Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II

Math 5010, Introduction to Probability

Math 5080, Statistical Inference I

Math 5090, Statistical Inference II

Course Materials

Math 1030 General Description, 2000

Math 1030 Course Guide, 1998

Math 1030 Course Materials

Math 3210 Supplementary Notes: Basic Logic Concepts

Math 4010-4020 General Syllabus

Projects, Various Proposals (not funded), Articles

Math Education Web Page with Teaching Resources

NCATE Review of Mathematics Teaching Major

NSF Proposal, Connecting Content, Pedagogy, and Practice

NSF Noyce Scholarship Proposal

Proposal for Math, Science Education Center

AMS Notices: A Partnership in Mathematics Education (1995)

Partners in Teaching Math: School and University Faculty Examine Issues in Mathematics Education
(NSF manuscript (1996), selected for the ERIC database, Educational Resources Information Center,
U.S. Department of Education, 2001.

Integral Representation for Multiply Superharmonic Functions, Math Ann. 215, 69-78, (1975)