SYLLABUS Fall 2000

Course: M3070-4, Applied Statistics I

Instructor: Dr. A.D.Roberts, JWB 312

581-6710(office); 581-6851(message)


Classes: Lectures: MWF, 11:50 am to 12:40 pm, AEB 350

Computer Lab: two hour lab session on Thurs; sections listed in course guide

Office Hours: MWF, 1:00pm-2:00pm; also at other times by appointment

Text: 1) Probabilty and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 5th edition, Jay L. Devore

2) Learning SAS in the Computer Lab, Rebecca J. Elliott

Prerequiste: Calculus (Math 1210, or Math 1215, or Math 1250)


Course Content

This course is the first in a sequence of two that offer a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of probabilty and statistics. In this course we will cover fairly quickly some ways to organize and present data that are used in descriptive statistics (Ch 1). Using sample data to make estimates about a population from which the sample is drawn, depends of the notion of probabilty so next we will consider the basic laws of probability, random variables (one and two- dimensinal variables), common distributions, sample statistics, and the Central Limit Theorem(Ch 2-5). Finally, we will develop the basic techniques of inferential statistics, point estimates, interval estimation, hypothesis testing* (Ch 6-9).

In the course students will examine both the theory behind statistical decision-making and the practical application of these techniques to problems from many different areas so that students can appreciate the use of statistics in both their personal and professional lives. The course material will be based on Chapters 1-9 of the above text and the lab assignments in the lab manual indicated above.

*The topics of regression, analysis of variance, covariance, and nonparametric statistics are continued in the Math 3080 course. The same text is used.

Course Grading

Test Average ( lowest score dropped ) 40%

Quiz Average (lowest 2 scores dropped) 20%

Computer lab grade 10%

Final Examination 30%




1. Course Demands: This is a 4 credit course- four hours of lecture and two hours of lab. It is a demanding course which requires a great deal of work. Students are expected to attend each class and to bring their text and a calculator.

2. Homework: You will find a list of assigned problems below. It is absolutely essential to keep up with the homework by doing the assigned problems on a regular basis.

3. Quizzes: There will be 6 or 7 quizzes given on Fridays during the semester. These quizzes will be in the form of short ten-minute quizzes during class or longer take-home quizzes due on Mondays. Quizzes will be based on the homework material and class discussions and will be announced at the beginning of the week. The in class quizzes being short will not be of the same level of difficulty as the class tests. In computing the quiz average, the lowest two quiz scores will be dropped. Since the lowest two quiz scores will be dropped, no makeups will be given on quizzes.

4. Class Tests: There will be four tests and in computing the test average, the lowest test score will be dropped. The tentative schedule is given below. If any changes have to be made, they will be announced in class a week prior to the test date.

5. Makeups on tests: A makeup on a missed test will be given only under exceptional circumstances and only if prior approval is obtained.

6. Computer lab: All students must attend a 2 hour lab session on Thursday.

7. Final Examination: The final examination will be comprehensive and will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 2000, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

8. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accomodations be made for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, learning, and psychiatric disabilities. Please contact me at the beginning of the quarter to discuss any such accomodations for the course.

9. Withdrawals: Please note that the last day to wihdraw from the class is Friday, October 20, 2000.

Tentative Schedule

Week Topic

1 Ch1

2 Ch1&2

3 Ch2; Labor Day, 9/4

4 Ch2; Test #1(Ch 1-2) Friday, 9/15

5 Ch3

6 Ch3&4

7 Ch4; Fall Break, 10/5-10/6

8 Ch4; Test #2 (Ch 3-4) Friday, 10/13

9 Ch5

10 Ch5&6

11 Ch7

12 Ch7-8; Test #3 (Ch 5-7) Wednesday, 11/8

13 Ch8

14 Ch9; Thanksgiving Break

15 Ch9; Test#4 (Ch 8-9), Friday 12/1

16 Ch9; Review for Final








Homework Problems

(subject to change)

Sec 1.1: 1,3,4 Sec 6.1: 1,3,8

Sec.1.2: 13,17,27 Sec 6.2: skip

Sec 1.3: 33,35, 37, 41, 43 Suppl.Ex. Skip

Sec 1.4: 45,47,49,55, 57,59

Suppl.Ex: 69,71

Sec 2.1: 3,5,7,9 Sec 7.1: 3,5,9,11

Sec 2.2: 12,13,19,21,23,25 Sec 7.2: 13,15,17,19,21

Sec 2.3: 32,33,35,39,40,41,44 Sec 7.3: 29,33,35,37

Sec 2.4: 47,49,51,55,59,65,67 Sec 7.4: skip

Sec 2.5: 69,71,75,77,78,79 Suppl.Ex. skip

Suppl.Ex: 87,93,95,97,99,100

Sec 3.1: 1,3,7 Sec 8.1: 5,7,9,11

Sec 3.2: 11,13,15,17,23 Sec 8.2: 17,19,21,23,29,31

Sec 3.3: 29,31,33,35,36,41 Sec 8.3: 35,37,38,39

Sec 3.4: 45,47,51,53,54,59 Sec 8.4: 45,47,49,51,53

Sec 3.5: 63,65,69 Sec 8.5: 57

Sec 3.6: 75,76,77,81,85,86 Suppl.Ex: 59,61,63,65,69

Suppl.Ex: 91,95,101,103,105

Sec 4.1: 1,3,5,7,8 Sec 9.1: 3,5,7,9,13

Sec 4.2: 11,15,21 Sec 9.2: 21,23(b,c),25,27,33

Sec 4.3: 26,27,28,29,31,33,37,41,49 Sec 9.3: 39, 41,43

Sec 4.4: 59,60 Sec 9.4: 47, 49,50,53

Sec 4.5: skip Suppl.Ex 67,71,75,79,80,83

Sec 4.6: 79,81(a)

Suppl.Ex: 89,91,94,95,97

Sec 5.1: 1,5,10

Sec 5.2: 22,25,26,30,31

Sec 5.3: 38,41

Sec 5.4: 46,47,51,53,55

Sec 5.5: 59,61,69,72

Suppl.Ex: 75,77,79,83