Instructions for the On-Line Application for Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid

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Since August 2011, all application to graduate programs in mathematics are done online. It is not necessary to send a separate application to the Graduate School and to the Department.

This page includes information for applying to admission and financial aid to the following graduate programs:

Questions about your background can be sent to Jingyi Zhu, Chair of the Graduate Recruitment Committee at or Elena Cherkaev, Director of Graduate Studies.

General questions about your application should be sent to Paula Tooman, Graduate Program Coordinator. After reading this page and the line-by-line instructions you may proceed to the Apply Yourself (AY) link. The application need not be completed in one session. Applications for financial aid for the following fall semester are due January 1.

Other programs

Instructions for applying to other programs are available as follows:

Teaching Assistantships and deadlines

Most mathematics graduate students are supported by Teaching Assistantships. Others may be supported by fellowships, or Research Assistantships, depending on the source of funding.

The Mathematics Department deadline for applications for financial aid to start the following Fall Semester is January 1st. Most financial aid is in the form of Teaching Assistantships during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Alternative support from individual research grants, and additional support from summer teaching, may also be available. Financial aid is typically given only to students in the Ph.D. program.

Students are normally admitted at the beginning of the Fall Semester, and financial aid to new students is only offered at that time. It is desirable that applications for Teaching Assistantships be submitted as early as possible but should be received by January 1st in order to receive full consideration. Applications received before April 1st may considered for financial aid for the following Fall Semester if positions remain available.

The University application deadlines are November 1st for Spring admission, March 15th for Summer admission, and April 1st for Fall admission.


Admission to graduate status in either a Master's or Ph.D. program requires that students hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, or its equivalent, with a grade point average of at least 3.0 and that they show promise of success in graduate work. The prerequisites for the various programs vary. For the Ph.D. and Master of Arts / Master of Science degrees, qualified applicants typically possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree in mathematics. In particular, Ph.D. students should be prepared to take the courses that directly lead to qualifying exams.

GRE Exams

Applicants to the Ph.D. program are not required to submit subject or general GRE scores. However, we strongly encourage all applicants to submit this test and applications without such scores are frequently at a substantial disadvantage. Students in pure mathematics are especially encouraged to submit their subject GRE scores. If you have questions about whether to submit your scores, contact Jingyi Zhu, Chair of the Graduate Recruitment Committee or Elena Cherkaev, Director of Graduate Studies.

English tests

All applicants must meet the University of Utah's minimum requirements for English proficiency, see:

Additionally, successful applicants for Teaching Assistantships must be proficient in their spoken and listening English skills. Those skills are usually reflected in the submitted TOEFL scores (or equivalent). In most cases, for those subsections of the TOEFL, we look for scores of at least about 20, and optimally, of at least about 23.

For international applicants

For international applicants: the I-20 form cannot be processed until all documents and fees are submitted to the Admissions Office and the student has been admitted by the program.

The Application Form Line-by-Line