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Quick reference

Table A: Symbol types from stabs

Table A lists stab types sorted by type number. Stab type numbers are 32 and greater. This is the full list of stab numbers, including stab types that are used in languages other than C.

The #define names for these stab types are defined in: devo/include/aout/stab.def

type   type     #define   used to describe
dec    hex      name      source program feature
32     0x20     N_GYSM    global symbol
34     0X22     N_FNAME   function name (for BSD Fortran)
36     0x24     N_FUN     function name or text segment variable for C
38     0x26     N_STSYM   static symbol (data segment w/internal linkage)
40     0x28     N_LCSYM   .lcomm symbol(BSS-seg variable w/internal linkage)
42     0x2a     N_MAIN    Name of main routine (not used in C)
48     0x30     N_PC      global symbol (for Pascal)
50     0x32     N_NSYMS   number of symbols (according to Ultrix V4.0)
52     0x34     N_NOMAP   no DST map for sym (according to Ultrix V4.0)
64     0x40     N_RSYM    register variable
66     0x42     N_M2C     Modula-2 compilation unit
68     0x44     N_SLINE   line number in text segment
70     0x46     N_DSLINE  line number in data segment

72     0x48     N_BSLINE  line number in bss segment
72     0x48     N_BROWS   Sun source code browser, path to .cb file

74     0x4a     N_DEFD    GNU Modula2 definition module dependency

80     0x50     N_EHDECL  GNU C++ exception variable
80     0x50     N_MOD2    Modula2 info "for imc" (according to Ultrix V4.0)

84     0x54     N_CATCH   GNU C++ "catch" clause
96     0x60     N_SSYM    structure of union element
100    0x64     N_SO      path and name of source file 
128    0x80     N_LSYM    automatic var in the stack 
                          (also used for type desc.)
130    0x82     N_BINCL   beginning of an include file (Sun only)
132    0x84     N_SOL     Name of sub-source (#include) file.
160    0xa0     N_PSYM    parameter variable
162    0xa2     N_EINCL   end of an include file
164    0xa4     N_ENTRY   alternate entry point
192    0xc0     N_LBRAC   beginning of a lexical block
194    0xc2     N_EXCL    place holder for a deleted include file
196    0xc4     N_SCOPE   modula2 scope information (Sun linker)
224    0xe0     N_RBRAC   end of a lexical block
226    0xe2     N_BCOMM   begin named common block
228    0xe4     N_ECOMM   end named common block
232    0xe8     N_ECOML   end common (local name)

       << used on Gould systems for non-base registers syms >>
240    0xf0     N_NBTEXT  ??
242    0xf2     N_NBDATA  ??
244    0xf4     N_NBBSS   ??
246    0xf6     N_NBSTS   ??
248    0xf8     N_NBLCS   ??

Table B: Symbol types from assembler and linker

Table B shows the types of symbol table entries that hold assembler and linker symbols.

The #define names for these n_types values are defined in /include/aout/aout64.h

dec     hex     #define
n_type  n_type  name      used to describe
1       0x0     N_UNDF    undefined symbol
2       0x2     N_ABS     absolute symbol -- defined at a particular address
3       0x3             extern " (vs. file scope)
4       0x4     N_TEXT    text symbol -- defined at offset in text segment
5       0x5             extern " (vs. file scope)
6       0x6     N_DATA    data symbol -- defined at offset in data segment
7       0x7             extern " (vs. file scope)
8       0x8     N_BSS     BSS symbol -- defined at offset in zero'd segment
9                       extern " (vs. file scope)

12      0x0C    N_FN_SEQ  func name for Sequent compilers (stab exception)

49      0x12    N_COMM    common sym -- visable after shared lib dynamic link
31      0x1f    N_FN      file name of a .o file

Table C: Symbol descriptors

descriptor      meaning                                 
(empty)         local variable                          
   f            local function
   F            global function
   G            global variable                         
   p            value parameter                         
   r            register variable                       
   S            static global variable                  
   t            type name                               
   T            enumeration, struct or type tag         
   V            static local variable           

Table D: Type Descriptors

descriptor      meaning                         
(empty)         type reference                  
   a            array type                      
   e            enumeration type                
   f            function type                   
   r            range type                      
   s            structure type          
   u            union specifications            
   *            pointer type                    

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