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Selecting a Window

This section describes the commands for switching between windows in an screen session. The windows are numbered from 0 to 9, and are created in that order by default (see section New Window).

Moving Back and Forth

Command: next
(C-a SPC, C-a n, C-a C-n)
Switch to the next window. This command can be used repeatedly to cycle through the list of windows. (On some terminals, C-SPC generates a NUL character, so you must release the control key before pressing space.)

Command: prev
(C-a p, C-a C-p)
Switch to the previous window (the opposite of C-a n).

Other Window

Command: other
(C-a C-a)
Switch to the last window displayed. Note that this command defaults to the command character typed twice, unless overridden. For instance, if you use the option `-e]x', this command becomes ]] (see section Command Character).


Command: select [n]
(C-a n, C-a ', C-a ")
Switch to the window with the number n. If no window number is specified, you get prompted for an identifier. This can be a window name (title) or a number. When a new window is established, the lowest available number is assigned to this window. Thus, the first window can be activated by select 0; there can be no more than 10 windows present simultaneously (unless screen is compiled with a higher MAXWIN setting).

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