Why study Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics at the University of Utah

Undergraduate studies

Our undergraduate program offers two Applied Mathematics oriented Majors:

Graduate studies (Masters or PhD)

You can get a graduate degree focusing in Applied Mathematics by attending the Mathematics graduate program and working with one of our Applied Mathematics faculty. Our faculty has ongoing collaborations with Science and Engineering faculty (inside and outside the university) and with the industry, so interdisciplinary graduate projects are possible.

Who founded Applied Mathematics?

The founding fathers of applied mathematics include practically all math geniuses, e.g. Archimedes, Newton, Euler, Cauchy, Gauss, Fourier, Lagrange, Hilbert, Kolmogorov and others.

Other resources

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Andrej Cherkaev for proposing this page and for contributing to it. The famous mathematicians images come from the MacTutor History of Mathematics Index.

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