University of Utah
Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Fall 2007: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30

Schedule of upcoming talks:

Date Speaker Room Title
August 28 Rob Easton LCB 323 S3-covers of schemes
September 4 Yungfeng Jiang LCB 323 L-algebras and Donaldson-Thomas invariants.
September 11 Alfred Chen (National Taiwan University/Visiting University of Utah) LCB 323 Projective threefolds of general type.
September 18 Davesh Maulik (Clay Mathematics Institute/Columbia University) LCB 323 Gromov-Witten/Donaldson-Thomas correspondence for toric varieties
September 25 Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine (University of Minnesota) LCB 323 Abelian/Non-abelian correspondence and Frobenius manifolds
October 2 Michael van Opstall LCB 323 Differential operators and singularities
October 9 No Seminar (fall break)
October 15, 3.00 pm Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine (University of Minnesota) LCB 219 Virtual Riemann-Roch
October 16 Yongbin Ruan (University of Michigan) LCB 323 Symplectic birational geometry
October 23 No Seminar WAGS-recovery
October 30 Christopher Hacon LCB 323 The Sarkisov Program
November 6 Tommaso de Fernex LCB 323 Limits of log canonical thresholds
November 13 Bumsig Kim (Korean Institute of Advanced Study) LCB 323 A Compactification of the space of Maps from Curves
November 20 Arend Bayer LCB 323 Polynomial Bridgeland stability conditions and the large-volume limit
November 27 Gueorgui Todorov LCB 323 Canonical bundle formula: Bounding the moduli part and Applications
December 4 Aaron Bertram LCB 323 Bridgeland Stability and Vanishing Theorems for Surfaces

Schedule for Spring 2008

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