University of Utah

Department of Mathematics


Algebraic Geometry Seminar

(a.k.a. Math 7805)


    Fall 1999 Lectures

Regular Meetings:  4:15-5:15pm Tuesdays, JFB 102.
Occasionally, we may have additional lectures;  please see the schedule.
31 August No talk
7 September Prakash Belkale (University of Utah)
Unitary local systems on P1-S (where S is a finite set) and related problems
14 September Adrian Vasiu (visiting University of Utah) 
Shimura varieties and K3 surfaces    Abstract
21 September Aaron Bertram (University of Utah)
  How to count rational curves on a quinitic three-fold
28 September Aaron Bertram (University of Utah)
How to count rational curves on a quinitic three-fold, II
5 October Tyler Jarvis (Brigham Young University)
Moduli spaces of higher spin curves and integrable hierarchies   Abstract
12 October Alexandre Kabanov (ETH, Zurich)
Change of coordinates on the large phase space of quantum cohomology  Abstract
19 October No talk
26 October Christopher Hacon (University of Utah)
Characterization of abelian varieties
2 November Mike Nakamaye (University of New Mexico)
  Stable base loci of linear series
9 November Marzia Polito (Cal Tech)
The fourth cohomology group of the moduli space of pointed stable curves
16 November No talk
23 November No talk
p-adic Hodge theory and Galois representations
30 November Mark Kisin (Sydney)
7 December Yuan-Pin Lee (UCLA)

Speakers and titles from past terms:   Fall 1997, Winter 1998 , Spring 1998, Fall 1998, Spring 1999.

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