University of Utah

Department of Mathematics


Algebraic Geometry Seminar



Fall 1998 Lectures

Regular Meetings:  3:05-4:05pm Wednesdays, JFB102.
2 September No talk 
9 September Chris Hacon  (University of Utah)
Divisors on principally polarized Abelian varieties
16 September Herb Clemens  (University of Utah) 
A local proof of Petri's conjecture at the generic curve 
23 September Constantin Telemann  (Stanford University)
Quantization commutes with reduction 
30 September Thierry Sageaux  (Université de Bordeaux)
Degenerations of surfaces 
7 October Bernard Teissier  (Ecole Normale Supérieur & MSRI) 
Valuation theory and binomial ideals    Abstract
14 October No talk 
21 October Frank Schreyer  (Universität Bayreuth & MSRI)
Varieties of sums of powers 
28 October Harry Tamvakis  (University of Pennsylvania) 
Arithmetic Schubert calculus 
4 November Wolfram Decker (Universität des Saarlandes & MSRI)
Non-general type surfaces in P4 
11 November Nikos Tziolas (University of Utah)
Counting smooth rational curves in singular Calabi-Yau threefolds 
Friday 3:15 pm AEB 340 
13 November Bill Fulton  (University of Michigan & MSRI)
Chern class formulas for degeneracy loci and quiver varieties 
18 November Herb Clemens (University of Utah)
A geometric interpretation of Kuranishi data 
25 November No talk  (Thanksgiving holiday)
2 December Tyler Jarvis (Brigham Young University) 
Compactification of the universal Picard over the moduli of stable curves   Abstract
9 December Frank Sottile (University of Wisconsin & MSRI)
The special Schubert calculus is real   Abstract 
Friday 3:15 pm JFB 102
11 December Karl Rubin  (Stanford University)
Lower bounds for Selmer groups via Euler systems 

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